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Who is Forum for Growth in Service for?

* READERS of Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir

* VOLUNTEERS at human-services organizations

* GAP-YEAR volunteers and interns in direct service

* STUDENTS whose college courses include volunteering

* HEALTH CARE professionals, therapists, counselors

* DIRECT-SERVICE NONPROFIT management and staff


Who is Forum for Growth in Service NOT for?

* People unwilling to self-reflect

* Anyone looking for easy answers or quick fixes

I really wish I had this course back when I was supervising social work interns and urban ministry interns. I could have incorporated these themes into my one-on-one or group sessions with them. So beautifully relevant!

Cassandra Lewis, MSW, M.Ed

"Marsh was perhaps the most transformative supervisors I ever had, and in my current work I often try to channel her patience and respect for others."

Meridith Owensby / Founder of St Lydia's House, Ohio

"Hopefully, [Nowhere Else I Want to Be] will help others to explore their motivation for serving, ask themselves the toughest questions, and ultimately become more self-aware and compassionate citizens -- something that is desperately needed in our modern world."

Cristina Flagg Cousins / MSW

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Caring for and serving others can be immensely rewarding - and immensely difficult.

Even when you're helping someone you love, or you're in a job or career you love, you can get tired, frustrated, angry.

At Forum for Growth in Service, we're straight-forward about these difficulties and committed to showing you ways to overcome them.

First, we name difficulties honestly, without shame or guilt -

* the frustrations we feel when our help is rejected or unappreciated;

* how physically, emotionally, and spiritually fatigued we can get;

* that it's really hard to face our own selfishness, neediness, impatience and anger;

* the potential for disillusionment and burn-out.

Then we offer real-life stories and experiences -

* exposing our mistakes and misunderstandings;

* using these stories to explore what it means to give authentic, effective service;

* and offering ideas and resources for your self-reflection and growth.


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and coming in OCTOBER 2017:

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Your Instructor

Carol D. Marsh
Carol D. Marsh

Carol D. Marsh was Founding Executive Director of Miriam's House -- a residence for Washington, DC's homeless women living with AIDS. Marsh lived and worked at Miriam's House until December 31, 2009, when chronic migraine disease forced her to resign.

Under her leadership, Miriam's House was home for more than 150 women and 30 children, and won the 2003 Washington Post Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award.

In August 2014, Marsh earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. Her thesis was Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir, published in January 2017. Learn more HERE.


"Nowhere Else I Want to Be" has been honored as the Finalist in the 2017 National Indie Excellence Awards (Memoir), and a Finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Excellence Awards (Autobiography/Memoir).

Marsh's essays have been honored as the Winner of the 2016 New Millennium Writings Literary Nonfiction Award; as Honorable Mention in the 5th Anniversary Contest (2016) of the literary journal, under the gum tree; and as Honorable Mention in Soundings Review's 2014 First Publication Contest. Other essays have appeared in Los Angeles Review, Lunch Ticket, bioStories, and Jenny Magazine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online course as good as in-person training?
Absolutely! Several studies show that online education is just as good (if not better) than in-person instruction. To find out more, check out this post on the benefits of online learning.
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Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to the FREE CONTENT at any time, still free of charge. Keep an eye out for new items!
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Forever. Or at least as long as Forum for Growth in Service stays live.

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